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Juvenile mediation is a form of non-adversarial dispute resolution dedicated to working with juveniles and their families within schools, the community and through the court system.

The Juvenile Mediation Council of Louisiana, Inc. is a non-profit mediation organization through which qualified mediators provide constructive conflict resolution skills, through the mediation process, to children and families at a critical point in the families life. Through mediation, the family has greater control in solving their own problems and may avoid involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Mediation works on the guiding principle that people will support what they help create and that no one system can stand alone. Mediation facilitates teamwork, cooperation and problem solving within the community laying the necessary foundation to sustain programs and activities that impact change.

JMCL’s primary purpose is to provide services specifically designed to enhance the relationship between:

  • Children and their educational institution
  • Children and their families
  • Children and the communities in which they live and work

Partnered with services already available in the community, mediation has the ability to profoundly impact education, communication, awareness, team building, and retention in schools. It has been our experience that the positive energy developed through mediation modifies negative behaviors at school and within the community. These initiatives decrease the number of youths who ultimately penetrate the juvenile justice system.

The Juvenile Mediation Council of Louisiana, Inc. only partners with state qualified professional mediators who are skilled and trained in the areas of:

  • Victim Offender Services
  • Child Abuse / Neglect Services
  • Juvenile Justice Services
  • Families in conflict
  • School related conflict
  • Community related conflict

As part of a comprehensive juvenile community resource, the Juvenile Mediation Council of Louisiana, Inc. offers: community education, child/adolescent parent education, training and continuing education, guest speakers, statistics and evaluations, best practice development and community collaboration.

If you’re interested in finding out more about juvenile mediation and/or the Juvenile Mediation Council of Louisiana, Inc., contact me by email, or phone (504) 952-9177 or Kinisha Rice, Executive Director- JMCL at (504) 585-7321.


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