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When there is an AD/HD person in the family, whether child or adult, the entire family system is affected. Because the entire family system is affected, the entire family system requires restructuring. Many times the family will attempt to fix the child and in my experience, it doesn’t work. The solution lies in revamping the entire family system with the input and participation of all family members.

20 Things I Want for my Clients

ADHD Coaches have the following attributes:

Time – for education, assistance with learning and practicing new skills, writing family guidelines, returning phone calls, etc.
Understanding – being an expert in the many facets of ADHD and family systems.
Creativity – approaching each individual family as unique and helping them design a unique plan that works.
Patience – knowing that the restructuring of a family system is a process that happens over time.
Accessibility – to return calls and/or meet with clients within a short period of time.
Flexibility – to meet clients at home, work, school, over the phone, by e-mail, etc.

At Synchronicity, I have assisted over 20 families in writing their unique set of family guidelines and proficiently conducting weekly family communication meetings. Structure, routine, consistency and accountability help each family member to participate in an environment where everyone knows the rules and the consequences. Having a household that isn’t a war zone is possible. I know how to help.

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