1. To enjoy their children to the fullest
  2. To have a life of laughter and enjoyment
  3. To create boundaries that are healthy and protective
  4. To know that structure helps children feel safe
  5. To be a model for their children
  6. To love easily and without limit
  7. To have a peaceful household
  8. To have enough energy to enjoy the day
  9. To believe they can succeed as parents
  10. To wake up in the morning and welcome the adventure the new day brings
  11. To embrace life on life’s terms
  12. To related to others with great compassion
  13. To live life with honesty and integrity
  14. To practice extreme self-care
  15. To live in a physical space that is pleasing and energizing
  16. To be present while life is happening
  17. To ask for assistance when necessary
  18. To believe in their child’s worth under all circumstances
  19. To parent from an ADHD perspective
  20. To have no regrets


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