Professional Certified Coach

Louisiana Qualified Mediator/Trainer

Collaborative Divorce Coach/Trainer

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A Life Coach is a person who can help you achieve your goals. As a Life Coach, I provide expertise, support and resources to help you succeed in life. If you need help identifying goals, moving toward them, and structure to keep you on track, you need a life coach. Contact me for an assessment.

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that is dignified, private, and confidential. Mediation allows all parties the opportunity to speak and be heard. Common cases for mediation include: domestic matters (custody and visitation, property settlement, and child support), victim-offender, family disagreements, disputes within school settings or with school personnel, problems in the workplace, or on a larger scale such as between corporations.

Collaborative DivorceSM is a dignified alternative to litigation. It protects children and helps parents create an equitable co-parenting plan. Privacy and self-respect are retained, and conflict and anxiety are reduced during a collaborative divorce. It addresses the family’s questions and concerns, and provides interim and long-term solutions to problems. Collaborative divorce promotes the most effective use of financial and emotional resources.

The background I bring to these services is:

RN (Registered Nurse)
HNC (Certified Holistic Nurse)
PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
Louisiana qualified Domestic Mediator
Louisiana qualified Juvenile Mediator
/ Trainer
Collaborative DivorceSM Coach / Trainer
Couple Communication qualified Trainer


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